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Wisconsin Trauma-Sensitive Schools Fidelity Tool
Department of Public Instruction

Instructions: This tool is intended to paint a picture of your school prior to the implementation of trauma-sensitive policies and practices. It may also help shape your school conversation around how to become more trauma-sensitive.

The completion of the tool should be done in teams to get different perspectives from throughout your school. At a minimum your TSS team should include members from the following: (1) administration (2) pupil services and (3) classroom teacher. In addition gathering input from students, parents and staff from other areas (SRO's, librarian, etc.) would also be helpful, if available.

The first time you complete this tool, answer based on what your school is like just prior to initiating the Trauma-Sensitive Schools project.  This will supply baseline data.  Schools are encouraged to have two groups fill out the tool at baseline.  This allows DPI to evaluate the tool itself and also allows school teams to have a critical convesation about whether everyone sees the school in the same light.

Scoring Guideline: Four potential responses are available: not in place, minimally in place, partially in place and fully in place. Criteria for each response are detailed below each item. Read these criteria before you answer. For instance, note that “fully in place” does not necessarily mean that an item takes place 100% of the time. 

Copies of your responses will be available after you hit the "Submit Survey" button. You will have the option to print and/or email your response sheet. If you choose to email a copy of the responses, the email will be sent from DPI Forms Management.  You are  encouraged to use your responses to help guide your implementation efforts.

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