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Transportation Reimbursement Claim
2016-17 School Year

Read and follow all instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in delay or denial of your claim.

Due Date: July 15, 2017

Collection of this data is a requirement of s. 118.51, Wisconsin Stats.

This is a claim for reimbursement of costs to transport eligible pupils participating in the Wisconsin full-time open enrollment program to and from school. Eligible pupils are those who are eligible for free or reduced price meals under the federal school lunch program (see information on the next page of online form to determine if you qualify). All claims for a family should be submitted on a single form. A claim for reimbursement of actual costs of transportation to and from school may be submitted at the end of the school year. All claims must be submitted online to the Department of Public Instruction no later than July 15, 2017. Claims submitted after July 15, 2017, will not be paid.

The DPI expects to receive many more claims than it has money. Based on prior years' claims, it is estimated that each family's total reimbursement will be 20 percent of their full eligible amount (proration).


Fill out all information completely and accurately. If you do not, your claim may not be paid.

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Use this button if you need to return later to finish the claim. When clicked, the Save button will display a page that has your customized link and a message similar to the following ("Your responses to the Transportation Reimbursement Claim have been saved. Save the following link to finish the claim at a later time.") Right-click on the link and SAVE as a bookmark or favorite. Previous answers will be saved. Do not bookmark the page itself.

For Further Information Contact
Kari Gensler Santistevan, Open Enrollment Program
Toll-free (888) 245-2732 Extension 2, then 2

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