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2017 Wisconsin Youth Services Development Institute Application

PII-00322 (Rev 03-17)

Due Date: Friday, April 28, 2017, 4:30 p.m.

Wisconsin Youth Services Development Institute
Sunday, August 27 - Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Heartwood Conference Center • Trego, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Youth Services Development Institute provides professional development and networking for Wisconsin public library staff who serve babies, children, and teens in smaller public libraries. The Institute targets library staff who have no graduate degree in librarianship and/or work in rural/isolated library communities. For these individuals, there is a need to improve skill and knowledge base, foster a supportive network, and develop stronger peer-to-peer and professional community connections within the Wisconsin public libraries infrastructure.

Over the course of three days, Institute participants experience foundational training related to youth services, including programming, advocacy, and collection development. In addition, emphasis will be placed on developing technology and leadership skills. Training is conducted by the state library agency's Youth and Inclusive Services consultant and experienced professionals from around the state. The Institute is limited to 25 participants in order to facilitate an effective, intimate, and focused Institute experience. Face-to-face interaction in a small group setting is considered an important element of the Institute and the basis for future networking and professional participation, online and in-person.

In addition to the in-person experience, participants can expect to communicate regularly with the cohort and trainers via email and a Google+ community. Engagement in the Institute begins upon acceptance of a spot in the 25 person cohort and continues through the 12 months following the in-person training in Trego. The Institute experience requires a commitment of time and energy. In return, participants can expect professional transformation. Graduates of the 2013 and 2015 Institutes described their experiences as "life changing." For more testimonials, see Comments from 2013 Institute Participants.

There is no fee for Institute participants; the costs are covered through an LSTA grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) administered by the Public Library Development Team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The Institute will begin at 4pm Sunday evening and conclude at 1pm Wednesday afternoon. All meals, from Sunday dinner through Wednesday lunch are included. Individual, single room lodging will be provided for participants. Participants are expected to stay on site throughout the Institute versus lodging elsewhere or commuting. Furthermore, the Institute is designed as an immersion experience for participants—family and guests are not welcome in this intense and intimate training. Participants must provide their own transportation to and from the conference center. Carpooling from different regions of the state is encouraged.

Wisconsin Youth Services Development Institute participants will return to their communities with more knowledge and skills for improving/implementing youth services at their public library. Participants will develop a new and immediate network of library peers (Institute cohort) as well as identify professionals and networks with whom to connect.

Participants will be required to formally reflect on their Institute experiences and submit a report to their supervisor and to DPI. Part of this report will identify specific short-term and long-term goals focusing on professional skills and leadership; e.g., finding a mentor, shadowing a library leader, or collaborating with cohort members on a project. The DPI Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant will assist individual participants with goal planning and attainment in the months following the Institute. Additionally, participants will document a minimum of one visible change in their practice stemming from the Institute experience and share this development with the Wisconsin library community.

DPI will measure outcomes of the Wisconsin Youth Services Development Institute by using a participant before/after questionnaire, gathering participant reflection reports, and communicating participants' success via multiple channels.

Application Process
Applications are due by Friday, April 28, 2017, through the online application process. Twenty-five applicants will be selected, preferably representing all 16 public library systems. If necessary, a waiting list will be maintained. Participants will be notified by mid-May.


Complete all sections of this online grant application form and submit by due date above. All applications must be submitted online. Narrative portions of the application can be written in word processing software and pasted into the form; however, special formatting will not transfer.

You may want to print this page of instructions for reference while working on your grant application. If you need to make changes or print information, use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons at the bottom of pages to move through the application. (Do not use the browser's forward and back buttons.)

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Printing the application
The summary page displays all information that has been entered for the application. Print a copy of the summary page for your records BEFORE submitting the application form.

Questions? Contact:
Tessa Michaelson Schmidt
Public Library Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant
State Library Agency
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
(608) 267-5077

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