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Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin
Green Ribbon Schools
2013 Application

PII-00273 (New 11-12)

Thank you for choosing to become a Green and Healthy School! Becoming a green and healthy school does not happen overnight. It is a process for schools to work through over time, always striving higher. Visit GHSWisconsin.org to download the application questions or find resources and additional information to help you through this process.

The information you provide on this application will demonstrate your school's progress and achievements toward becoming a Green and Healthy School. This application will also allow the Green & Healthy Schools administrative team to provide you support along the way. The information you provide will not be displayed publicly.

Fill out this form as completely as possible. Information submitted will be used to determine the level of Green & Healthy School certification. Please answer as many questions as possible to ensure proper recognition. Applicants do not need to answer all questions. Schools who wish to be considered for Green Ribbon nomination must demonstrate achievement in all areas. Early Learning Centers are not eligible for Green Ribbon nomination.

When you choose "next" at the bottom of each screen, your information is automatically saved. When you press "save" at the bottom of the screen, you will be provided with a unique URL to allow you to return to your application at a later date. If you hit "submit" your application will be finalized. If you lose your URL or accidently submit too early, please contact Victoria Rydberg.

Application Overview
  • Demographic Information and Statements of Intent: Screens 2-4. All applicants should complete these pages.
  • Status: Screen 5 determines if your application is for registration only. Please note: Schools who complete registration only will be considered for Sprout School recognition. If you choose "yes", there will be one more page of questions and then you can submit your application for review. If you wish to continue adding progress in other focus areas (such as energy, water, environmental education, etc.), choose "no".
  • Focus Areas: Screen 6 will list all 9 focus areas. Questions will appear on subsequent screens for each box that is checked. Answers can be saved and can be returned to at a later time.
  • Cross-Cutting Questions: Screen 28 will ask questions about any other "green school" programs in which your school is participating and any other recognition your school has received.

Due Date: The application is open from September 1 - January 25 and January 26 - August 30 each year.Schools can save work and return to it at any time. For schools who wish to be considered for US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools nomination, applications must be submitted by January 11, 2013.

For Further Information contact Victoria Rydberg, Environmental Education Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction at 608-266-0419 or victoria.rydberg@dpi.wi.gov.

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